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  1. January speaker

    Quote Originally Posted by bjb View Post
    I've seen plenty of his reports on NE. He's big into night fishing, especially at Shinnecock & Montauk, experienced in surf launching. Rick says surf guys hate him because of his reports & sharing of info on NE. He knows his stuff, but pretty busy, may not be able to commit until a week before meeting.
    Then i have no problem with picking his brain.
  2. January speaker

    Quote Originally Posted by No sand View Post
    Never heard of him....but I donít know much...
    Me either!
  3. What's new in the KFA

    Just some things that are going on that are new, or may be new to our newer members

    -We are participating in the American Littoral Society Fish Tagging Program again in 2017. Nearly anything can be tagged except pelagics, and a few southern species. The only costs involved are the tags(5 dollars) and a few minutes of your fishing time. If you want to try it out, please contact me.

    -We are still looking for members to participate in the NYS DEC Striped Bass Cooperative ...
  4. 2016 Wrap up

    Many great things happened this year , hope you were an active member and took part in many of the clubs OTW meetings.
    Fun and fish were had by all .
    The new OTWM Tournament was a big success due to the members who stepped to help create it .
    Fishing "is" our club. It's what we are meant to do .
    Take pride in who we are and what we do .

    If you get involved it will change your life and health for the better .
    Don't believe me ? Ask an active member ...
  5. The Big One That Didn't Get Away

    The Big One That Didnít Get Away

    I got out last night just before the sunset, the bay was as flat as glass. The sunset quickly and the summer sky turned a brilliant shade of red, then it was over. It was to be another very dark night, neither moon nor stars to help light my way. As a matter of fact, the only light I recall was the distant glow of the mainland.

    I was tossing some tins and buck tails along with chasing some swirls ...
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