By: Rick Hacker

It was 330 am and I was making my way around to Watch Hill RI from Holbrook NY in search of Albie's. I was going armed with 2 MH spinning rod outfits both loaded with braid and finished with fluorocarbon leaders. Lures of choice would be some hand tied flies from Bob (buoybob) some small tins/jigs and soft plastics. My fishing platform would be my Hobie Revo

I met Pat (captiva) on the way to the fishing grounds and we arrived around 730. After a quick set up and discussion on game plan we were ready for our launch. Our first obstacle was a 2 story sand dune that was not for the faint of heart. Next would be the unfavorable sea conditions that caught us by surprise as the day went on. The boats were really not a factor as it seemed they were a little more courteous to us.

I started fishing by blind casting and hoping for a hook up, this continued for a while changing out lures to see what would get a hit, no success yet.
I started jigging off the bottom to change tactics and that was the ticket. I felt a light tap and set the hook into what would be my first Atlantic bonito.
The fish didn't fight to hard at first but when it saw the kayak it was a different story.
It was a strong up and down battle like a fish twice its size, pretty amazing. I continued to jig to see if there was something to this and that it wasn't a fluke.

I feel a light tap and the same battle happens and I land my second bonito, 1 bonito is cool 2 is awesome!. Some time has passed with no action and now I'm back to blind casting. I make a cast let it sink for a short count and begin my quick retrieve. I feel a light tap and line starts peeling off the spool like I have never seen.
After a few quick changes of direction and a few more blistering runs I get to land my first false albacore (Albie).

As the day goes on I'm back to jigging when I feel the now familiar light tap and drag screaming run of another Albie. I never got to land this fish but I did get to see its football shape below the kayak just before it shook the hook.

Next year when the Albie's run I'll make my way back there.

A day I will not soon forget