Had a day for the ages down in Boyton Beach, Fla. Started my day with a 25lb albie- then 2 Kingfish---one a 30lb + --- numerous drop offs and then this beauty! What a fight. We were on our way in---I thought my chance s at hooking up again were through when in 80 feet of water and a mile offshore- she hit---about 50 yards behind me---she jumped and I knew it was on---my guide paddled over and said to me "strap in cuz this is going to be a long fight" ---sure enough - 40 minutes later and being towed 2 miles into 250 feet of water I brought her to the yak. What an AMAZING experience. She literally jumped 4 times in front of me---no more than 10 yeards off my bow---the colors---vivid-clear-the water the bluest I have ever seen. She came betwen our yaks about ten feet down and you could literally see her scales it was so crystal clear- fin upright---I was in awe! We took my pics quickly- revived her and she went off to live another glorious day- leaving me with a memory firmly imprinted in my memory for the rest of my life. She was almost 5' long and approximately 70lbs. Woooohoooo!
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