Full moon fish came in to take a tour .
Went out last week to teach my son how to work an area and use his Lowrance better .
It is real hard to get a rhythm down and try to teach it to someone else.
He is my son sooooo...after trying to work him into it and a damn fish hitting my tube almost every time , he was getting a little "me" on me.
I know ,I am ,I'm doing it .I said OK got it good and I tried to move away when another fish hits.
Hey as long as your right here how about a picture (trying to lighten the mood .WRONG!!)
DAD !!! Can't you see I'm trying to catch a F-in fish go ask that guy to take your picture !! lmao

I left keeping an eye on him from a distance when I hear this yell !!Don't know what he said, thought it was F$@$.
Then a text.... I need a picture ! lol turbo speed to him to see his hands raised into goal position .. NO WAY I said, I did it I joined the club he said ?? Which one ?? I said .
DAD I did it I got my 40 " fish On Da Pink Tube...Wow I'm ecstatic taking his pictures I look and say you sure that looks bigger .

Turns out it was 42". Now I teach him how to make sure its ready to go and release it..Very proud Pops right here . I made him walk me through it not so much that I could hear it but for him to relive it and remember it.
What a joy being there . Now he"s bewildered amazed and lost all at once. (love that feeling after a big one) .
Resetting his gear I drift away when I hear zzzzzzzzz and splashing he's into another fish this also would be a personal best at 37".

How do you top that ? You call a buddy to meet you at the launch with an ice cold Heineken, but only after he tells the story of how he did it .

My day oh yeah forgot about mine . A day later I needed a little pedal time so off I went into the sunrise . I have more patience and more confidence in trolling Da Tube then I do in live lining bunker ( but I can and will).
I never go by reports I go by what I see . And see I did.I put down marks in every area I found fish to return to later. I was in no hurry . The miles I do some days would blow your mind.
I was catching fish all over but they were not the fish I was marking and I worked harder at the ones I wanted. Until I found the pile ! I pulled many fish out of that pile being there all by my self.

As I did my reel in quick turn and pitch way back behind me to run the line again a huge swirl comes up next to me.Whoa that's what I'm looking for and as if the Fish watched me pitch Da Tube back there my line went off.
And that sweet sound of drag zinging off the reel started .Wait that's not the one I pitched way back Oh well fish on! 2 cranks on the reel and bam!! the other rod goes off real fast and zininginining Holy crap I might get spooled on that one .
So I bear down on the VS150 and land the fish on my right it into my lap quick 26".
Turn the Gopro to the other side grab the rod set the hook ,and turn the yak WOW I can tell this is gonna be big .Then every thing goes into slow motion like I was telling my son the day before.( I had dropped one like this with him watching me do it )

Your instincts take over you've done this before .Serenity takes over as you, crank feel the pressure lift a little. This fish just ran a 100 yard dash so I'm pretty sure the hook is set (thought that with the other fish also) pressure is on her the whole time no gaps no pumps just lift and reel in line. She feels like a log stuck on the bottom as I pedal in a little closer reeling as I go . Then I see the flash go by, now the silhouette ahh there she is Huge !!!
She sees the yak and turns and dives just taking drag when she wants to. This fish has turned me completely around 2 times I am not going any where .

I hear a boat bearing right down at me and this clown has no idea what I have here. Stay calm and pay attention deal with this at hand .
It's time to bring her in, I look at Da Tube no way in hell am I grabbing that to lift her in. Time it right she's staring right at me as I go for the grab and she snaps her head away not once by twice .That's it! no more playing as I make my grab and hold on for life as she starts the shaking trying to get free .I pull her up and over the rail and she tries to knock me out with her tail as I hold her face ....Jeez.

OMG she is Huge my PB has also been upped but I must say this was one... no The best fish I have caught so far 45.7 "
weight is undetermined I did not have a scale that big and she was released in great shape after a long sucking on my fingers and splashing the crap out of me.

Live lining has also been great this week but I prefer to do it at times other then dawn and 25 boats around .They really don't get it.
I do it in the same places that they all leave from , the bunker didn't leave they just wanted to get away from the boats also. An hour later they bowl right back up nice and easy to snag and hungry fish waiting below to strike.
Best lunchtime was 7 fish between 35"-and two at 38".

I waited to let Bob have his 15 min of enjoyment But Mark went fishing Lol so I better get it up now before the next guy has his turn .
The passion is real get out and enjoy it all.
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