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  • Salem Aug 14 2013

    KFA-NY takes Salem by Storm!
    By James (onelastcast)

    On August 14, approximately 25 members of KFA-NY headed north to what has become a yearly pilgrimage to the NEKF Striper Shoot out in Salem Massachusetts. The weather, like last year, cooperated all weekend and that enabled us to fish non stop. As always we had a blast and many laughs.

    Darren (Dragonfish) and George (GeorgeD) spearheaded a lobster and crab dinner. We gorged on the freshest crustaceans with cold beverages or your favorite poison. In addition many members brought and shared some home made specialties. There was definitely no shortage of food.

    We could not have been blessed with a better bass bite. It was just phenomenal. Once you found where the bass were holed up it was fish-on. Bass were hitting the tubes, plugs, jigs etc. Gene (Elkfish) estimated he caught at least 80 bass. The bite, in my opinion , was way better than last year. This year everyone managed to pull big fish all around the harbor. Many members set new personal best on a kayak. What amazed me was the fight that these bass put on. Size did not matter; they all put up a great fight. By far, when compared to fish in our local area, fish further north are superior in strength.

    On this trip, there were no rubber ducky awards earned, no one hooked a cormorant and got bit nor did we get spooked by a whale in the harbor.

    Lastly, if you can only make one event next year, this is the one. Of course there are no guarantees but then again itís called fishing not catching.

    James (Onelastcast)