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2016 Wrap up

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Many great things happened this year , hope you were an active member and took part in many of the clubs OTW meetings.
Fun and fish were had by all .
The new OTWM Tournament was a big success due to the members who stepped to help create it .
Fishing "is" our club. It's what we are meant to do .
Take pride in who we are and what we do .

If you get involved it will change your life and health for the better .
Don't believe me ? Ask an active member , sit back and you'll see the passion they have found in Kayak fishing and THE KFA-NY family .
The stories you will hear are true and you will be with them as they tell relive the moments for you .
They don't forget the stories , they become part of their lives to pass down to future generations .
We share the moments in real time , we capture them with pictures ,we laugh and have a heck of a great , we share the pictures and the knowledge we learn with each other .

It happens to be very contagious so I warn you , It will rub off on you and change your life ...... if you become an active member of the KFA-NY
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