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What's new in the KFA

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Just some things that are going on that are new, or may be new to our newer members

-We are participating in the [B]American Littoral Society Fish Tagging Program[/B] again in 2017. Nearly anything can be tagged except pelagics, and a few southern species. The only costs involved are the tags(5 dollars) and a few minutes of your fishing time. If you want to try it out, please contact me.

-We are still looking for members to participate in the [B]NYS DEC Striped Bass Cooperative Angler Program[/B]. This involves keeping a logbook(provided for you) on striped bass catches, and taking scale samples from bass caught. I have plenty of the packets if you are willing to help out. The data obtained may help the scientific community to better understand the striped bass health, population, migration and much more, so please help if you can.
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