Got up and out of the house with only 3 hours of sleep (sons bd party).

Great sunrise headed out with Jeff . Only 1 guy launched ahead of us ?????
Are we on the wrong side ? Did we make a big mistake? am I still sleeping ?

Passed threw all the bunker land mines and went out to test some prototype tubes for this guy I know .

Met up with Mark on the radio and then in person . Working those red and pink squiggly lines to determine which was going to be the one .

After a bit of work we all had some fish . And the guy with Mr Floppy says this is going to break wide open soon .
Really ! I had 2 smaller fish and 2 blues already.
When I was making my way to a spot I had broken 2 hooks the day before . And wondering what I missed ,I came across a pile.

Looked around , where is everyone ? Isn't this the J-Bay weekend ! hundreds of Kayaks ?.

Oh yeah it's about to break wide open !!

And it did 2 @ a time one after the other , me then Jeff then Mark then on and on .

I feel the pains and see the chew marks from reviving the fish so I THINK it's not a dream ,but it's going to be logged in my memory for a very long time.
Have to thank Rob Leavy also, every time we tried to talk on the phone I got another fish,lol

Today was the day I have been working for ! oh crap now what ?
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